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   C8 Grenades

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   Marine Marker

   Signal Smoke Drift Indicator (body assembly)

   Three Minute Smoke



   Whistle Tube

   MK/SC 25

   MK/SC 58

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HFI Pyrotechnics (HFI) is Canada's premier producer and supplier of military quality specialty pyrotechnics products for commercial and military use.

HFI, formerly Hands Fireworks, has provided design, testing and commercialization to products ranging from marine markers, trip flares, smoke grenades and drift indicators (military), to specialty commercial pyrotechnics products such as smoke device for war games, smoke pots for heating and air conditioning duct work testing, polar bear scare devices, fishing salutes and oil setting tool charges for oil well maintenance. More recently, HFI is becoming more involved with non-lethal technology, ranging from projectiles to defense sprays.

Over the 135 years of production in Canada, HFI has provided the greatest quality, performance and value that our clients have come to expect.

HFI continues to strive to be the premier producer of specialty pyrotechnic devices.


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